Blue Pig's Makaha pintail HWS first ride report

Here's 'Blue Pig's' ride report on his board built to the Power Surfboards Makaha design:Firstly, thanks to roy for sharing so much detail about his build method, and thanks for all the positive comments (it keeps me going) - the board goes like stink (hopefully stu got some action shots, the benny hat kept the cold out a treat) - paddles really easily, duck dives, and catches waves so easily its unreal. first wave I managed to get to my feet - unbelievable, despite the slop (4' and 4 sec, just played in the white stuff) - the speed of take off really surprised me, just a couple of paddle-strokes and it shifts!!! Awesome acceleration 8)whether this is the thickness (tis a fat old bus = buoyancy), the shape, the tunnel, whatever I love it. I think it trumps the Mal... its a great beginner board, and very few things beat the feeling of taking a self built board into the sea and standing up on it in waves - awesome :D :DConsequently, its gonna get treated to a roy style marine water filler for a vent, and maybe even a sand and polish in due course :shock:I even managed to carry it to the beach and back, single handed