Freedom singlefin by Steve Harewood

Stephane from Biarritz has sent us some pictures of a recent find, a nice 7 ft Freedom singlefin from the early - mid 70s by Steve Harewood. Harewood was one of the top surfers in Jersey from the mid 60s and was in the four man British team going to the World Champs in Puerto Rico in 1968. This trip opened his eyes to what was going on in board design and he was especially interested in Reno Abellira and David Nuuhiwa's board designs .Then he went straight to the US and worked for Dewey Weber for 6 months helping to produce the Ski .In 1969 he came home a more experienced shaper and set up Freedom with his friend Barry Jenkins. I'm a big fan of Freedoms, especially around the mid 70s when Bobby Male was putting out some really beautiful shapes.Thanks to Stephane for the photos.
Steve Harewood mid 1960s
Here's a couple of Harewood Freedoms which were up for sale a few months ago. The blue one is 7'2 x 20, and the Aipa style stinger is 6'10 x 20 3/8.