Power surfboard logos and the Dragonboard logo

We are not usually into obvious logos and are more interested in the board itself.Consequently these days we prefer them to be unobtrusive, often I forget to put our stamp on the tailAlso there's little danger of my boards being mistaken for anyone else's :wink:Here's one from 1997A smaller more recent version:And how it appears on the hollows. . . just like a watermark or hallmark.The fine print says:Power SurfboardsMount MaunganuiNew ZealandThere's also the original Dragon logo for the 13'9" Dragonboard, this one's on the 2001 redwood prototype.The Dragon is done with resin and metallic 'pearl' pigment, using a mask. It took about 10 hours at least, our workshop at the time was a wrecked shell of a 1959 bus covered with corrugated iron to keep the weather out, it was the old 'Radio 1XX beach bus, and was parked at our camp at the 'gorse patch' a 20 acre industrial section which we lived on in buses rent free for 5 years . It was a great spot only 300 metres from an excellent beachbreak at Omanu, and we were surrounded by all sorts of fascinating industry, including two boatbuilders, one project was being overseen by the designer Derek Kelsall ( a famous British catamaran designer ) and we had some interesting conversations about hydrofoils with him. Arch over at Nautic marine was always generous with Western Red Cedar and pithy advice, then there were all the hotrodders and their workshops. . . a great community !Here's the tribal dragon on the 2005 redwood/pine model, done using a mask again.