Sean Mattisom and PT out for a fun session together

Sean Mattison as you know is a well known Fish Man from Oceanside California and Fish Fry supporter. He has just forwarded these shots of himself and PT enjoying their first session on one of his new designs the Moon fish that he made up for PT under Sean's new label Von Sol. PT brought down a board of his that he wanted Sean to ride that he had shaped in 1974.

" He told me that this board that he made maybe the first fish in OZ.He was doing the G&S label in OZ at the time when he made it.He was inspired to shape it after he was in California watching Skip Frye shape a few Keel fin fishes. I will send you some classic photos of PT and this board following this e-mail."

" As for the Moon Fish....He loved it! Super Stoked ! Sean "

PT and Sean wax up. PT with the Moon Fish. His 1974 shaped board in the middle.

Sean giving PT's 1974 shape a real good work out.

PT's not past giving the Moon Fish a good shake down as well.
Some nice action shots care of Lance Smith.