Pipeline FP13 challenge update: keeping the record straight

grubster wrote:I dont think anybody has said Roys board cant be ridden in waves of consequence.
The whole pipeline challenge started precisely because Bill Barnfield said on Swaylocks that none of my boards would ever handle a drop on a North Shore wave, ever. He then proceeded to call me a deluded charlatan for claiming that my FP12 design would be ( my words ) " an exceptionally good board for pipeline " Dozens of other surfers and shapers have backed him up by saying the same things. Bill also sent PM's stating that I am irresponsible for trying to risk the lives of North Shore surfers with such a hopelessly bad board, and that i should get medical help for my ( alleged ) psychological problems.That's what started it. . . . actually what prompted all that was that I called BS on Bill's statement that the physical forces that govern a wave a pipeline are completely different from those governing other waves. When I suggested that perhaps he meant that they were the same forces as other waves just different in magnitude he said no that they were com[pletely different forces that only pipeline riders understood. When I called BS on that and said that my FP12 would do well there he flipped his lid. . . .. and later had a heart attack. I think he has a frustration/anger problem.
What everybody is waiting to see with Roys board is it out-performing all the other longboards at Pipe,Isnt that what Roys Pipeline callenge was supposed to be all about.
Not exactly.It was initially about1) Proving that Bill Barnfield and his supporters are wrong in their claim that none of my boards could make a drop on a North Shore wave.2) Proving my claim that the FP12 design is an exceptionally good LONGBOARD for pipeline.I've said repeatedly that if one respected pipeline rider says that it's a great board for pipeline then we have achieved 1) and 2) The board doesn't have to be liked by all pipeline riders, just one well respected one, and we've proved our points.Given that Garrett has already said that he loves riding the board and given that he's planning to ride 2nd and 3rd reef pipeline when it breaks again, I'd say we are in a good position for some interesting results.