Cheers to our European Customers!!

D'Arcy Surfboards is taking over the world... not really but we are striving to enable surfers around the globe to improve their surfing one board at a time... D'Arc believes that every board should be better than your last, and that message has made it all the way to Europe.

Most recently D'Arcy has returned from shaping trips which brought him to the shores of Italy and Portugal. Even more interesting is the amount of enquiries we receive from that region and its surrounds. Here is a short video of D'Arc talking about the bomb model which he adjusted specifically for the small, weak mushy waves of the Med.

D'Arcy from Manuele Mariotti on Vimeo.

Stay tuned for more European Market updates, If you are from the European region and would like to find out more about D'Arcy surfboards or make an order, you can go about this in 2 ways... 1. Contact our distributor which is nearest to you OR 2. contact the D'Arcy factory in Australia and we will arrange a board for you through our European distributors.
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