Radical Alaia Surfing Videos

Here are some hollow Alaia Tuberiding from Hossegor France, I think?  This is not tow in surfing, but rather by using a stand up paddleboard to launch an Alaia attack on the wave!  Not fair, but who cares!  These videos show the true speed you can get from riding an Alaia.  If you would like one for yourself, see my previous posts to look at the beautiful Koa Wood ancient Hawaiian Alaia replica surfboards I am building.  Models I have available are the Duke Kahanamoku (2 different ones), the Eddie Aikau Waimea Bay Alaia Gun, the Honu (Classic 8' and under Alaia), and the Princess Kaiulani model.

Here is an amazing video of going out into the jungle to find the "WILD BOARDS" growing on the the surfboard tree.